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Verminator's really back now

It seems like everyone is expecting change at Arsenal come this summer. Depending on which side of the camp you are on, it’s either stay with the existing squad, add one or two more players or a complete overhaul of the team. Ultimately, the decision lies with Arsene Wenger and judging from this, there will be some action in the summer.

It is easy to state from where we are watching the game, on who we want out or into our club. We are no experts and that duty is best left in the hands of the manager. He will know who to add to the squad. Whether that player has the right attribute to fit into our system. Not least, whether the individual has the mental fortitude to wear the red and white.

Wenger also talks about the fact that we were not far from achieving a haul of trophies. Regardless how the season has petered out, that much is true. A slight twist of events here and there, we could already have 2 trophies in the cabinet. The manager has admitted that one of his task for this summer is to figure out why we’ve gone so close yet so far.

Although I’ve mentioned that the manager is more expert than me, this part is obvious to everyone. The mental strength of the side. Yes, we’ve had comebacks from games. Coming back from a goal down to win the game. Coming back from two goals down to draw the game. That part is good mental strength. However, we’ve also had one goal lead being wiped out. Opponents clawing back from 2 goals to draw or beat us. There’s even a 4 goals lead diminished. That part is the weak mental strength and leadership within the squad.

Perhaps that is what Martin Keown is alluding to in his comments here. He’s right. We are not all that far away. Going back to the camps I was talking about earlier, I am firmly in the middle. The squad is good enough. We’ve seen them beat the best teams in the world this season. The fact that we need another one or two bodies is because the same team also went down to embarrassing defeats to lesser teams.

Worryingly though, Wenger seemed to have made up his mind on Nicklas Bendtner’s position. He mentioned that wingers or players that can play on the flank are not within his search priority because of the players he has now. In the same list, he mentions Bendtner as one of those players. This strikes me as very very strange. Wenger has had some magnificent decisions in the past, of switching players around. However, I fear that the conversion of Bendtner from a striker to a winger will be futile. The Dane is best played up front as the focal point of the attack and nothing else.

At least for today, we end with some one good news. Thomas Vermaelen looks set to start against Aston Villa tomorrow. This is after we lost Laurent Koscielny with a thigh strain from the Stoke game. The Belgian captain celebrated that fact by getting on twitter.