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Which scenario will pan out?

Am attempting to start on the season review but still gathering my thoughts about it. Instead, let’s look at the Arsenal related news that has been going around.

Arsene Wenger is still sorting out contract talks with Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy. Both players are entering the final year in their contract and are able to leave on a free next year if we don’t tie them up soon. With Arsenal, this is known as the Flamini situation. Flamini of course left on a Bosman transfer to AC Milan when he decided against renewing his contract with Arsenal.

Apparently, Manchester United are interested in recruiting Nasri and Patrice Evra has had a fair bit to say about this. What he says angers us. Mainly because there’s a hint of truth in what he says. To be honest, I don’t want Nasri to go. He’s only had one good season with us which of course attracts the attention of other clubs. I would rather he stays with us because he is still young and can grow into one of the world’s best.

No matter what you think about Clichy, he’s still the best left back we have at the club. He may have his moments in terms of focus but has the experience and speed to rectify it in most situations. Kieran Gibbs who is the heir apparent to that role has not progressed to his level just yet. Injuries played a big part in preventing that progression. But lest we all forget, Wenger did not rate Ashley Cole before as well but the Silvinho situation pushed his hand and Cole was granted a starting place. In the end that turned out well but no one can guarantee that the same things happens with Gibbs.

Jack Wilshere has been dropped from the England squad for the Euro U-21 championship. Hooray!! Stuart Pearce finally back down after the statistics that have been shown to him as well as Wilshere’s own admission of tiredness. The numbers show that Wilshere is tiring and that would eventually lead to him picking up injuries. Neither Wenger nor Fabio Capello will be willing to risk that. On another note, that set’s him to be available for the summer tours to Malaysia and China.

Nicklas Bendtner once again relies on his father to get the message out for him. I really can’t blame the Danish international for thinking that his future lies away from Arsenal. He’s a central striker that is constantly being played out of position and being judged on that. It is not fair to him. His goalscoring ratio may not be impressive but it still makes for very good reading. I like Bendtner and would be sad to see him go. I have no doubt in my mind that wherever he goes, he will score plenty of goals. I hope he stays but it’s clear that the chances of that happening would be minimal.

Back to Wenger, he made a comment earlier about Karim Benzema and everyone is assuming we are going for the French striker. Unless I’m mistaken, managers are allowed to admire players from other clubs without actually it actually being a signal of intent to sign him. Is he a good player? Yes. Will I like him to play in the red and white? Yes. But there’s nothing much to read here otherwise. Wenger likes to keep his cards close to his chest and there is no reason to suspect that to change.

Right…that’s all for today. Somehow my schedule has been proven to be busier off season than when there are still matches. Will be back with the season review next time.