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Hoping for this one to stay

Continuing on from the feature started yesterday, today we look at another possible transfer candidate. It’s none other than our captain and inspiration, Cecs Fabregas. I know this is not something new. We’ve been at this situation for close to 3 summer transfer window now. It was the same with Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry. We are very experience in handling situation like this but it is still tedious nonetheless.

Let’s first take in the context of it all. Arsenal took advantage of the lax regulation in Spanish football and pinch Fabregas from Barcelona at the ripe old age of 16. It only took the then young Spaniard one year to adjust to English football before starting to stake a permanent place in Arsenal’s starting line-up. Yet, such was his talent that he already made his début in the first season that he joined, albeit in the League Cup. The rest is history.

Despite being an icon in one of the biggest team in the world, one thing that never be disputed is the fact that Fabregas is a Catalan born and bred. He’s born and raised in Barcelona and his affection towards the Blaugrana is as evident as the sun in the sky. He wants to return to Spain and play for them one day. In fact, he even has a discussion with Arsene Wenger in the summer of 2010 to look at the possibility of returning to his boyhood club. Even Bacary Sagna admits to this.

On one viewpoint, it is hard to put any blame on the captain. Barcelona are currently the best team in Spain and Europe. They’ve won all the competition they played in last season except for the Copa Del Rey. Compared that to the trophy-less season that we’ve endured and you’ll get where I’m coming from with that point. Every player wants to win medals and it is no different with Fabregas.

However, realising the manner in which he approached it last season, Fabregas is more cautious with his words this time. He puts the decision back to Wenger and rightly so. There’s no denying that the player does have a lot of time for the manager. For it is the manager who put his faith in the youngster 8 seasons ago and owe it to Wenger for the success that he has become. We also know that somewhere in his blood, there’s also plenty of Arsenal DNA.

From the buyer side and there is only 1 possible buyer (despite what Real Madrid may want to think), they are hardly doing all they can to get Fabregas. Barcelona may have started communications with Arsenal but no bid has been made thus far. The reason for that is simple. The European champions simply do not have the money to buy the player that they so desire. That is the only reason why they rumoured to be offering an even lower price compared to last season. Sorry, but at 24 years of age, players valuation doesn’t drop despite a stop-start season. Especially not when Jordan Henderson is worth £20 million.

On the footballing side, there’s plenty of reason why this transfer might not happen this summer. First and foremost, Fabregas has not won anything with the club other than a FA Cup winners medal. As someone who holds the club dear, it is something which hurts him both on a professional and a personal level. It may be something he wants to achieve with us before actually saying goodbye. He must realise that this Arsenal team are not a thousand universe away from winning the major trophies.

Like Samir Nasri, what Wenger does in the transfer window will also be a big factor influencing Fabregas’ thinking. Fabregas need to see that the club is interested to move forward and change things. The players that are brought in should be high quality and one that makes Fabregas think “hey, this could work. I want to stay and play with this guy”. A signing of that statement will easily swing the pendulum back to our side.

There’s plenty of time on Fabregas’ side, for him to eventually go back home. The Barcelona team right now might look like someone who doesn’t need him in the side but that could easily change in a season or two. That being said, as long as they don’t come up with the right offer (anything in the vicinity of £50 and above), we won’t sell. If they can match Arsenal’s valuation and payment choice, it is hard to see him wearing the red and white again. I’m hoping Barcelona will never find that money.