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The second day of the Asian Tour started with a morning training session. At least that is what the session is supposed to be called. However, the time was between 10:30am to 11:30am. That is poor planning on the part of the team/organizers. That is normally the time of the hour where the heat is at it’s peak in Kuala Lumpur. Even Jack Wilshere mentioned that. I understand that training needs to be done but surely at the right hour of the day and not at the expense of the player’s health. Mind you, heat stroke can be quite common in an Equatorial country.

As per usual for any commercial tours, events will be organized all around town for the benefit of the sponsors and their customers. Nike being the official shirt sponsor, held an event in one of the mega shopping complex in town which includes a futsal tournament. Alex Song, Wojciech Szczesny, Theo Walcott and Wilshere graced that event. All 4 coached their respective chosen teams that reached the semifinal stage and eventually the final. That of course, lead to Wilshere thinking he’s a “better manager” than Song and Szczesny.

Song en route to performing his duty as one of Nike's ambassador

Meanwhile Tomas Rosicky, Andrey Arshavin and Carl Jenkinson were headed towards the famous twin towers of Malaysia, KLCC. They were going with the Arsenal Media team, presumably to capture promotional videos. Two more players who had activities at a different location with the same Arsenal Media team were Kieran Gibbs and Aaron Ramsey. There were close to 10 fans who were there at the hotel entrance (including me) and these people were desperate to get some pictures with the players and signed autographs (not including me cause I’ve already done that on the 1st day).

Rosicky waves to the crowd

The first 3 went in a bus. However, they were waited some 10 minutes before starting the journey. They waved back at the fans but despite the pleas of those fans, no one took the initiatives to alight from the bus to meet these fans. It could not be more opposite to Ramsey and Gibbs. The duo immediately went to the fans despite being asked to hurry into the waiting car. Well done both of you. Which is no mean feat, considering how tight the schedule was. Players only had 30 minutes between the training and these events. Understanding how tiring all that can be, I tip my hat off to Aaron and Kieran.

Obliging star

Then, all that’s left for the day was the open training session. Now, being an open session, I don’t suspect there’s much to read about anything here. Also, it is still so early in their pre season training, that any work done now is more towards the fitness than tactics. Couple of interesting things to note.

1. Ryo Miyaichi is fast. He’s at the same level as Theo Walcott in terms of speed, if not better. He plays with the sort of calm and cool that belies his age and inexperience. He is not afraid of taking on players, even if that player is Bacary Sagna.

Very very exciting in the mould of Overmars/Limpar

2. Carl Jenkinson is a very tall lad. He’s deceptively quick (Pires kind, rather than the Walcott type). Does have good feet but no doubt that aerially, he will be an asset.

Tall, quick, agile. Now let's see how good he is

3. Marouane Chamakh looks off it. I’m not sure whether it’s the weather/food or something else. He was an obvious disappointment from the session. Even in the routine, control and pass exercise, some of those went astray.

What's the matter Marouane?

4. Theo Walcott is unquestionably the most nicest boy in the team and the most PR savvy. He acknowledged fans at every opportunity.

Hello Malaysia

All in all, it was a very enjoyable session for everyone. There’s light running, passing session, attack versus defence, 11 v 11, penalty shootouts and crossbar challenge. Looking forward to the game tonight. Folks, you had your holidays, Arsenal are back.

Note: Click on the images to get a clearer view. There’s plenty more pictures. Will find an avenue/site to put everything there. Will let you know soon. Thanks for reading.