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What’s the reaction for these boys?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 months or just completely shut yourself off from football related news after the end of the season, otherwise you would have known by now about the Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri situation. It is not as complicated as you think, let me try and break it down for you.

We have grown accustomed to the yearly pursuit of Barcelona over Fabregas. It is the singular most annoying repetitive piece of news that I can remember. Far worse compared to their previous flirting with Thierry Henry. While in previous seasons, we knew that these are just rumours, all that changed from the summer of 2010.

To me, it is almost as if Fabregas had stayed all this while because he believed in the Wenger project. Yet, repetitive failings and some with the same root cause, has made him disillusioned with Arsenal. It does not help that Barcelona were racking up trophies right and left. It is hard to question the ambition of any player who wants to move to win trophy. Harder still, if the said club is currently one of the world’s best and it is his boyhood club.

Compared that to what is happening with Nasri and it comes out from a very different angle. The problem started when we somehow let his contract run down to just one remaining year. There are two very different scenarios which lead to this, both of which I can believe to be true. One is that Arsenal refused to offer him a new contract when Nasri asked for it. The other is that the club has made their offer but the player is demanding for more. Of course, both could also happen. In which case by the time the contract was put in place, the Nasri felt that he wasn’t necessary the club’s top priority.

Herein lies, the main point of today’s post. Between the two leaving, would both players get the same treatment from Gooners or would they be treated differently? From what I’ve read online, it looks to be the latter. That scenario encompass Nasri being vilified as the villain why Fabregas would be given a much easier pass. Which is slightly baffling considering that Fabregas is much more vital to us than Nasri.

In trying to understand that, I think first we need to take into account several things. The slightly elder player (by that, I mean Fabregas who is older by just the one month) has already played for us for 7 seasons. I started the clock in the 2004/2005 season because that is when he became somewhat of a first choice. He has remained remarkably consistent throughout that period. Becoming a pivotal part of the squad and establishing himself as one of the best midfielder in the world.

Compared that to Nasri who had only played 3 seasons for us, beginning in 2008/09. So far, he has had a stop start career at Arsenal. Not playing nearly enough to show what he was capable of. Injuries played a big part in denying him more game time. Cumulatively, I think he had a very good 1 season. Although to be fair, he was absolutely scintillating in the first half of last season. He has started to make his mark but not quite at the consistent level of his more esteemed colleague.

Either by the orders of the club or on their own accord, both players have remained very silent on their possible futures. I can only take this as being a good thing. I’m sure you would agree that we would never want to see our players slate the club or voiced out their displeasure publicly. Not only will that represent a bad image for the club, it would also switch any bargaining power away from Arsenal. Potential buyers are more than likely to used the image of a disgruntled player as part of the negotiations.

No matter what the stories are, off the field, both players are not known to sulk on the pitch. Every time that they’ve stepped onto the pitch, we can be assured of their desire to win and their willingness to give their 100% to the club. I’m assuming that will not change whatever the outcome of this close season.

I have always held the idea that whenever the team is playing, they will get my full support. Booing never helps. Once the game is finished, then we can analyse and examine their performance on the pitch. If deemed not good enough, then criticism are well warranted. As much as these players are supposed to be professionals and all, they are still human. Any player would be affected if every time they touch the ball, a crescendos of boos can be heard all around the stadium.

What I’m trying to say is that, no matter what a player does off the field, whether he is agitating for a move or simply refusing to commit his future to the club, I will support them if they show their 100% on the field. I’m not saying everyone should think this way or that thinking this way makes me a much better Gooner than anyone, it’s just the way I see things.

What would be yours? Would you boo Fabregas is he stays? Would you boss Nasri if he stays? Would you boo both if they leave? How would you react if they stayed on this season?