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Vela might not want to stand between Nasri and Frimpong

Arsenal has finally announced the transfer of Samir Nasri to Manchester City. The fee has not been officially stated yet but if it is anything above £20 million, then it is something which suits both parties. That said, I’ve already decided before hand that I don’t care what the fees are as long as he has been moved on.

Here was a player who apparently told Arsene Wenger that he did not want to be involve in the second leg of the Champions League tie tomorrow away to Udinese. No player is bigger than the club. When a player starts to decide when he should and should not be picked, there’s a big problem with the relationship.

Let’s be clear. Nasri is a very good player who has not yet reached the peak of his powers. In the 3 seasons that he has been at the club, he has not performed consistently enough but has shown sporadically what his talents are. For the first half of last season, he was carrying the team on his own.

He scored plenty of goals during that season. Some of them were spectacular individual efforts. In fact he was so good that most experts were calling him early favourite for the Player of the Season award. Nifty footwork being his trademark, he started to blossom in the wide role that Arsene Wenger prefers him to be.

However, just like how his career at Arsenal has been, Nasri failed to sustained that high level of contribution. Which is frustrating considering what we’ve seen from him. It was almost as if he lost interest in what was going on. Almost as if his head has already been turned somewhere else.

We knew he had another 1.5 more years to run in his contract and by the summer, he would in a very strong negotiating power with respect to the club. He wanted higher salary and we always thought that he will resign. We also know that he covets the central attacking position, the one that Cesc Fabregas holds.

Despite the Spaniard leaving the midfield role being freed up, Nasri wanted no part of it. He sees his future away from the club. Even the increase offer from Arsenal to put in on parity to what Fabregas used to earn was not enough to persuade him to persevere for at least another season at Arsenal.

It’s funny how players can absolve themselves from the failings of the club. Especially so when they have been involve in most of the matches. He wanted the move away because he wants to win trophies. To me, it sounds like he was indicating that Arsenal was not a good enough place for him to achieve that and it was none of his fault. Surely he know nothing of the saying “win as a team, lose as a team”.

I can understand that money speaks in today’s football (Samuel Eto’o to Russian Premier League being a prime example). However, I’m appalled at the lack of decency from the players. How can a player forget what the club did for him? Signing him on for huge sums and giving him a good contract. The club who also provided him the platform to increase his qualities as a footballer. At a time when the club needs him, he deserts the club. Not a single sense of appreciation from the player himself.

Ultimately, if a player does not want to be an Arsenal player, we might as well be done with him and play those who wears the club on their sleeves. I would rather have a less talented player who give his 100% each time he steps on the field than a multi talented player who most often than not, is found wanting.

I will never understand why the current players would want to wish leaving players the best of luck with their next club. Especially so when it is a public place where everyone can see it. I can understand that they might not be as emotionally involved as the fans but they should also be sensible to what the fans are feeling. Which is why it was lovely to see the response of Emmanuel Frimpong and Conor Henderson to all these.

With this sale, the fee of £75 – £80 million is where our current transfer budget seemed to be. Check my twitter timeline and look for the retweet of Arsenal Report. Wenger admitted that there is now shortage in midfield. With that kind of money, we could get some real quality replacements. Balls are firmly in your court now, Arsene.