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Traore will not get to play with the other Park

Being an Arsenal fan has never been easy. It will a whole lot worse from now until the end of the transfer window. Just a day after our drubbing at Old Trafford, the rumours merchant has already been out in full force. Best to do it according to the position on the pitch, here goes.


It looks like Sunday would be the last time we’ll ever see Armand Traore in an Arsenal shirt and he will unlikely to be missed. It was a shocking display from someone who made his debut with us in 2006. Five years on and he still have not kicked on from there.

There’s a familiar reminder of the career of Justin Hoyte. Though to the Englishman’s credit, he played far more games and gave his all in every single one of them. But ultimately Hoyte was never going to be good enough for us. When Arsene Wenger decides to select a right back in the left back role ahead of Traore, it’s as sure a sign that the exit door has been left open for him.

That leaves an injured Kieran Gibbs as the only recognised left back in the team once Traore’s transfer goes through. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we will need reinforcement there. That is likely to come in the form of Andre Santos. The 28-year-old Brazilian left back is currently contracted to Fenerbache and has accumulated 22 caps for his national side.

The muted fee of £6.2 million should represent a good investment. I know close to nothing of this player and have never seen him play. My only reasoning for him representing a good buy is due to him being fairly experienced. That he was first choice for Brazil in the recently concluded Copa America should mean that he’s immediately better than Traore.

In the centre back position, it looks like Alex of Chelsea has come into reckoning. He would be a good addition in my opinion. Not quite better than Laurent Koscielny, if I’m being honest. However, we could certainly use him in games where the opposition intends to siege us aerially. He could also provide the alternative to Robin Van Persie when it comes to freekick. The Premier League experience and lack of language barrier would also help his integration to the team.


It seems that Alex might not be the only one that could arrive from Chelsea. That player in midfield is none other than Yossi Benayoun. Quite why they would want to hep their direct rivals by selling us players, is simply beyond me. Unless they know that these players are crocked or on the verge of getting crocked for long term. Or they simply are not good enough for them any more. That itself is a very scary thought for us.

Benayoun is an attacking midfielder who is a bit good on the dribbling side and can find those final passes. No where near the qualities of the two that has just left us though. He is another very good option to have on the bench. At 31-years-old, he’s quite experienced too. However, if he’s being bought on the idea of being our main creative fulcrum, then I would be very disappointed.

There’s a whole host of other players being touted as potential transfers too. The bid for Gary Cahill has yet to be sorted while the usual names have been thrown around. Mario Gotze, Marvin Martin and Per Mertesacker are just some of those names.

I hope you’re ready for the madness that will engulfed all of us in these few days. It is actually quite exciting if not for the possibility of ultimately being let down once we actually liked a target but the transfer didn’t go through. Brace yourself Gooners, I know I will.