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Save that could have bigger implications later

It’s Friday and that means only one more day to Premier League football. We are visiting Ewood Park tomorrow to play Blackburn Rovers. Although this comes directly after the Champions League tie away to Dortmund and this being an early fixture, I believe there’s ample time for the players to recover from their midweek exertions.

Ultimately, it was the not the best result that we would have wanted to take home from Germany. A club like us, nothing short of a win is sufficient.  That said, we have definitely started the season on the wrong foot. From decisions on transfers to performance on the pitch and the poor discipline on it, doom-sayers has been calling for heads to be culled. However, Arsene Wenger is right. The only way to improve is from here.

There’s a big rebuilding of confidence needed. The positives that can be drawn from the last 2 results will be massive. A slight win over a newly promoted side and letting go of a lead with 5 minutes or so to go in a Champions League game might not have been the most desirable way to relieve pressures but it’s big stepping stone.

First and foremost, the team has to build up the mentality of being hard to beat. The only way to do that is to keep grinding out wins and draws. Because there will be times when the team or players will be off form or special circumstances intervenes. By the latter I mean refereeing decisions, injuries, suspensions and just pure luck. These are the days when the team needs to call out to the mentality and desire not to lose.

Why I say that is because I believe in the team. This squad that we have, do possess enough quality to be more than very decent. If we have everyone back fit and at 100%, who’s to say that the 11 players that is selected will not give even the likes of Barcelona or Real Madrid a run for their money? Sadly and rather unfortunately, that always seems to never be the case. At one point or another, we will have players missing out. That’s the reality of football.

Going back to the Champions League game that we drew, it’s really hard to judge how we would fare in this competition based on a single result alone. Manchester United could only draw away to Benfica while Manchester City drew at home to Napoli. Even the mighty Real Madrid could only win by a single goal away to Dinamo Zagreb. Can anyone seriously argue that any of those teams are better than Borussia Dortmund at this point in time?

The impact of the result will only be seen after the completion of the rest of the group games. We broke records en-route to winning our first 3 games last season in the group phase. But look what happens after that. Now, I’m not saying we should not win games or break records. I’m only saying that a result can only be a guide and might not have direct implications on our future in the competition.

Then there’s the thing about Cesc Fabregas. Apparently and interview came out in which he was quoted as criticising Arsenal. I can’t tell you the details as I’ve not read them either. Here’s the link. Cesc denied all that on twitter this morning and claims that quotes were taken out of context. Now, the article is pretty long and in-depth. I wonder if anyone would actually go through such lengths to cock up a fake story. At the moment, I could care less what he has to say. Though, unless a law suit is directed at the magazine by Cesc’s party, it is hard to believe the former Arsenal.

Something to mull about until tomorrow. Talk to you then.