This will not be an Arsenal related post. It’s the Interlull and while there’s been sufficient topic of discussion to go about, I felt it would be nice to take a break and write about other things for a change. Was suggested this wonderful site by WengerBoy1 on twitter and there’s some wonderful statistics on there.

Coinciding with me starting to play Football Manager 2012, it’s wonderful what the site has. The list of players whose contracts are up for renewal by 2012. The list is extensive and is broken down into individual leagues. For lacked of better words, it’s detailed.

There are a lot of major names who might be seeking a transfer at the end of the 2011/12 season. What I’m did was to go through the major leagues. That is the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Spanish Primera Liga and the French Ligue A. The purpose was to find a matchday squad which to my opinion is the best.

Here goes my picks.

Rene Adler (GK) Bayer Leverkusen , 26 years old
Miguel (RB) Valencia , 31 years old
Jonathan Woodgate (CB) Stoke , 31 years old
Eric Abidal (CB) Barcelona , 32 years old
Cristian Chivu (LB) Inter Milan , 31 years old
Daniele De Rossi (DM) AS Roma , 28 years old
Ricardo Montolivo (CM) Fiorentina , 26 years old
Diego (AM) Atletico Madrid/Wolfsburg , 26 years old
Andrey Arshavin (RW) Arsenal , 30 years old
Florent Malouda (LW) Chelsea , 31 years old
Didier Drogba (ST) Chelsea , 33 years old

Subs : Tim Howard (Everton, 32), Simon Kjaer (AS Roma, 22), Mark Van Bommel (AC Milan, 34), Ludovic Obraniak (Lille, 27), Tranquillo Barnetta (Bayer Leverkusen, 26), Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea, 32) and Nicklas Bendtner (Arsenal/Sunderland, 23)

The formation would of course be the current one used by Arsene Wenger. Average age of the starting line-up would be 29.5 years. That would represent a decent an experienced enough age. The average age on the bench is only 1 year younger.

The defence might struggle with pace but they should be able to counter speed with clever positioning. The midfield has two players who can dictate the pace of the game in Montolivo and Diego while the strikeforce has the power of Drogba.

Of course this is just fantasy talk. I doubt there’s any team in the world who would be willing to dispense off at least 8 of their starters to even attempt this line-up, even though no transfer fee would be involved. I say 8 because as you can see, there’s one team who could possibly do that.

It’s all fun. No doubt, I’m the only one enjoying doing this. Sorry if you thought you wasted your time reading this. Will be back with the Arsenal stuff tomorrow. I’m actually collecting a data for a monster post but might have just defeated myself with the idea. The collection of data is not easy.