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The end is nigh

Does everyone realise that there’s only 5 days left in the transfer window? Technically the weekend doesn’t count but no reason why deals can’t be finalised then and the registration done by Monday or Tuesday. It’s all gone quiet on the Arsenal front. Newspapers has even gone bored of recycling the same stuffs over and over again. Of which I’m very thankful of.

First things first. I do want to see some money being invested to bring in reinforcement to help us get over the line. The “LINE” this season will be referring to the Champions League finishing in the table. We’ve got a more than decent first XI who could take us there on their own but no 11 players could play the entire 38 games over the course of the season. Let alone a set of players who weren’t even all there for the first month of the campaign and some who might not even be first XI had some of the other players been fit.

That there is only one name being linked with us right now is worrying but refreshing in a way. It’s not a name that we’re constantly being told that would pack his bags and join us. Eden Hazard story is frankly boring the crap out of me. If it happens then great but if not, so be it. This new name is Julian Draxler, an 18 year old attacking midfielder/striker.

What? Too young you say. I think the Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain signing has taught us a thing or two about signing prodigious young talent. I have not seen much of this Shalke lad, the only time I saw him was the German Cup final last season and he scored a wonderful goal for his victorious side. Even if this link is true and the deal goes through, it doesn’t mean that Draxler will for sure feature in our plans for the rest of the season. However, the club cannot stop thinking/planning for the future.

At the moment though, we’re going through our second bad patch of the season because of numerous injuries and the players who have come in, have not replaced efficiently. Laurent Koscielny does not agree with this point and he’s not completely wrong. It is about team work and playing for the team. A team that has less individual talents can beat a team with more individual talents, provided the team work and tactics are correct.

When it comes to team work, the ethics and understanding between the person standing next to each other on the pitch is absolutely crucial. Which is why I’m absolutely delighted to hear that Robin Van Persie or whoever initiated it, called the team together after the defeat to Manchester United and tried to iron out the faults of the team. Or perhaps, what is required out of them as Arsenal players.

I can only seem to recall two times of such precedence within the Arsenal camp. The one after the brawl at Old Trafford where George Graham rallied the troops and the other one where Tony Adams told off Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit to prioritise their defensive duties. The latter might have just even been the 3 of them, I can’t be certain now.

More importantly, it’s about how the rest of the team receive the discussion. Whether they will look at themselves and realised that the performances of late hasn’t been good enough. That despite our current problems of player shortage in certain positions does not warrant the lack of application or effort. That we were lacklustre in first half was obvious for everyone to see and we did not up our game until we were chasing the game.

A lot of us were angry, myself included, at the substitution of AOC. Claus Lundekvam’s tweet probably didn’t help matters. I don’t think anyone can deny that some of the boos thrown out during the substitutions were also aimed at Andrey Arshavin. It’s not only because of the opposite form that both players have shown over the course of this season but because of the application/effort that they put on the field.

At this point, I would still argue with anyone who suggest that AOC is a better player than Arshavin. I don’t mean on present form but in terms of the talent and capability of each individual player. Yet, why is everyone reacting so furiously at the sight of the latter replacing the former? Arsene Wenger reminds us that Arshavin is still very much the captain of Russia but that is hardly the point to be used for this argument. Fans appreciate the effort put in by any player. Ray Parlour has obviously less ball skills than Arshavin but he’s loved so much more by the Gooner army.

It pains me to see how much Arshavin has fallen and how inefficient he has become. It’s the exact opposite of what Marouane Chamakh is. Plenty of willingness but clearly out of his depth and bereft of confidence. A situation that if continues, might give a returning Sanchez Watt a chance. The 20 year old striker recently returned from his loan stint at Sheffield Wednesday and he will be hoping that Morocco continues their losing streak and Chamakh doesn’t get back into form before returning to Arsenal.

At the moment, I’m not saying Watt is the answer but if this Chamakh is considered a viable option by Wenger, then so can Watt. The younger of the two is inexperienced and may not be the most talented of player to come our from the Arsenal production. However, I certainly do think that it has come to “anyone but Chamakh” . Considering Watt’s age, there’s a perfectly logical chance that a run of games with the first team will turn his career back on the right direction. Benik Afobe would have relish this chance had he not been injured himself.

Still hoping for someone to turn up.