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Appreciation should go both ways

Monday. There’s nothing happening today, right? What do you mean there’s a game tonight. Ours is not until Saturday. Title decider? On a Monday? The Premier League taking full advantage of the Labour Day / Bank Holiday tomorrow when they set this fixture. With it being a worldwide holiday, plenty of people will tune in from all around the world.

In all fairness, I’m hoping for a good contest which doesn’t end with any United player going up to smooch Paul Scholes. How Manchester City have managed to be reigned in by Manchester United is nothing short of remarkable. The massive drop in from combined with the loss of key players. While what United has shown in recent months is indicative of the managerial brilliance of Ferguson.

Many Gooners online has made their preference known over who they prefer to lift the title and I will do so here. I’d rather United win than City. “Rather” being the most important point. I don’t want a specific team to win it. It’s all about who’s worse off than the other. In the case of United, they don’t have a Samir Na$ri. That’s as sound an excuse as I can find.

Moving away from all the other team’s talk, Arsene Wenger has more or less admitted that we’ve overplayed Robin Van Persie. However, Wenger is also right that at this point of the season, there’s nothing we can do to fix that. RvP will just have to soldier on for the last two games. Though, the captain will probably receive a boost of confidence having scored again from open play.

I’ve said this to a friend recently. That I believe, this is the best we’ve got out of RvP. That he will never be able to replicate what he achieved from the start of 2011. I believe that injury will play a part next season, having been fit almost the entire course of this season. That’s not to say we should sell him. While I don’t think he can score as many as he did this season, he will still score plenty. If we bring in the right players to compliment him, as well as afford him rest in between here and there, we might get another really good season out of him.

Which is why, news like these are important to us and him. Those transfer rumours about who we are likely to be interested in thinking that we might want to add to the squad at Arsenal. Javi Martinez and Yann M’Vila are the two mentioned names this round. Both full international but the former is one which I’ve watched plenty of times this season. Mostly due to Athletic Bilbao’s incredible run in the Europa League.

Having gone through a week of “discussions” about certain things that happened around my country, I’ll reserve my comments on M’Vila on the basis that I’ve not seen enough of him to make any judgement. Martinez on the other hand is a wonderful player. Able to player in midfield and the centre of defence. A player who’s assured of his touches and always aware of his surroundings. I would love it if he comes on board and that could be a real signal of intent to RvP as well. If we end up signing both, you can be sure that RvP will definitely stay.

Moving on to another dream scenario, the potential replacement of Pat Rice. We’ve known since the start of the season that Rice was on his last year of service. Unless something changed between now and the start of next season, the likelihood of us seeing Rice in his shorts again, would be close to zero. There has been plenty of speculation about who will replace him.

What we want is someone who knows the ethos of our club and can work with Wenger. When I say “can work with”, it doesn’t mean just agreeing with the manager. It also means standing up against the manager if he feels that a certain decision is wrong. That would require that certain person to be someone whom the manager trust and respects.

There are 3 former Arsenal greats that have been mentioned. Tony Adams, Steve Bould and Jens Lehmann have been touted as the shortlisted 3 and I wouldn’t disagree if any of those are chosen. Bould perhaps the best bet considering he has been at the Arsenal youth set-up for years now. Though if the choice is given to me, I’ll have Adams as the assistant looking to learn the trade before moving the main position and Bould coming on-board as the assistant.

I have a very selfish reason as to why I want Adams to be the assistant. Because that would mean that he has to travel with the team to Malaysia for the pre season. I would love to meet Mr Arsenal in person. Guess we’ll know more in the coming weeks/months.

The build-up to the game tonight is getting very tedious now. Enjoy it if you can.