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Responsibility higher more than ever

That wasn’t what we wanted was it. Newcastle and Sp*rs both won their respective matches to go within a point behind The Arsenal. It’s not desirable but on the bright side, we still have it within our own hands. It’s about what we do first, before what the others do.

It makes the Norwich game this Saturday a really big one. It’s going to be the final home game of the season as well. There will be a lot of appreciating going around this season compared to the last. From both sides of the field. Some are probably saying their goodbyes too. But it’s important for them not to get caught up in the moment because there’s still one last important match after that. Unless both the other teams loses their weekends games.

We have been in dire form lately. Goals have been hard to come by for us as well. A big part of that was down to Robin Van Persie. We’ve relied a lot on his goalscoring pedigree since the start of the season and when his contribution reduces, there was no one to pick up the responsibility. Hopefully with his open play duck broken, RvP will drive the team on for the final 2 games.

But it should not only be on his shoulders alone. The likes of Gervinho, Tomas Rosicky, Yossi Benayoun and Alex Oxalde-Chamberlain will all have to put in their 100% should they be called upon. They should be more willing to take on their man or take a shot on goal instead of trying to find RvP all the time. They’ve got to take their chances and see what becomes of it.

There’s been numerous news on Lukas Podolski, our new signing. Though, none of the media thought of compiling every single quotes into one single article. In that case, I have no idea who to attribute those quotes to. Let’s just say these are all from various stories about Podolski on the internet.

That he hasn’t met Arsene Wenger personally to discuss anything yet. He wants to come to us to win trophies, play in our fabulous stadium and also because he didn’t want to join another Bundesliga club. Finally he believes that he is more mature now than when he moved to Bayern Munich some seasons ago.

All of that sounds pretty good. Though he does sound like he has got a big impression of himself. That he sees himself in a certain light. I’m not too sure how he will take to being on the bench (if that’s Wenger’s intention for him). It will be interesting one for next season. If Kaka doesn’t grumble about being on the bench and just keeps working hard, Podolski should have no complains.

While it may not be directly due to this signing but it’s good to see that Theo Walcott thinks that he can still improve further. The best thing about any player is their willingness to keep improving and understanding themselves. No doubt everyone knows him as a speedster. There’s a certain way to defend against that and if Walcott doesn’t mix his game around, it’s going to be hard for him to succeed.

Lastly, Sol Campbell announced his retirement and I have nothing but praise for the giant centreback. He was massive for us and always gave his 100% in every game (except that West Ham one which we will blot out from our memory). The consummate professional and I hope he finds his way back to the footballing via coaching or some other role.

Thank you Sol.