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What he really wants. Trophies, not a return to Holland

After knowing that he has won the award for almost a week now, Robin Van Persie finally went to receive it. During the glittering ceremony, RvP also spoke about his love for Arsenal Football Club. The headline in that link will read as “but that doesn’t mean he’ll stay”. We don’t really need to be reminded of that. We know that RvP wants to know what’s on offer next season before committing. As of now, we don’t even know whether we’ll be in the Champions League next season, let alone finalising all the other transfer targets.

Although RvP did have kind words to say about new signing Lukas Podolski. Quotes that means to me that he reads every single thing posted on Arsenaldotcom. As those quotes were simply a rehash of what’s been said about Podolski’s past. There was not a mention whether he would like to play with him or not. I’m sure that question would’ve been put to him. No doubt, trying to goad him to provide a tiny hint as to where he intends to play his football next season. Not something which the media savvy RvP will fall for.

If that was as vague as they come, Arsene Wenger seemed utterly confident that the Dutchman with growing grey portions in his hair will continue to wear the number 10 at Arsenal next season. The manager was quick to praise the qualities of Podolski and sees the German as the perfect foil for RvP and that they can/will work in tandem next season. That’s a very cocksure response from the manager and probably stating it in the manner which we knows he can. Experiences from last season tells us that these conviction could ultimately mean very little. Best to just take it as positively as we can.

Wenger went on to reiterate that unlike last season, he wants deals to be concluded bright and early. However, Podolski looks to be the only new and early one. There are plans to others to join the team (breathes huge sigh of relief) but that will be dependent on the sales of current players. There’s a big group of them who could potentially leave and enabling us to pick up a few millions here and there. Which should help greatly towards giving RvP a massive pay rise.

With the European Championship coming very soon, there’s a very short window to conclude deals early on. Though luckily for us, only 3 players who are expected to be on the sales short-list, who are likely to go to Ukraine-Poland. Nicklas Bendtner, Andrey Arshavin and Lukas Fabianski. Which should mean that deals for the others could be done swiftly. That said good showing from Bendtner at the Euros might even fetch us additional millions from him, but by then it could be too late to use those money. Likewise, once these outgoing ones are settled, we have an even shorter window to get new players in, unless the ones that we want are not playing in that particular tournament.

5 days after the injury happen, we finally got a confirmation on the official website that Abou Diaby is out for the last 2 games. It’s hard not to feel sympathy for the Frenchman. He breaks down so quickly and so predictably every time he has come back. The most he has played in succession for last 3 – 4 seasons is probably 4 – 5 games maximum (let me know if I’m wrong on this). Whether he’ll miss the Euros or not is another matter. If medically we find that he will be like this for the rest of his career, then I think we might have to take a loss on him and cut him loose.

Otherwise, I’d hate to let him go. If medically we find no problems with him, I do want us to keep him. Diaby is someone whom I really rate and someone whom I think has a unique talent within this current squad. No one else has the capability to provide the runs that he can do. Robin Van Persie is a very good example of someone who can be extremely unlucky/injured but finally found the right balance to stay fit for an entire season. Who’s to say it won’t happen again with Diaby. I’d hate to cut him loose only to see him excelling with his next club, especially after all the patience and time we spent on him.

As Wenger prepares to celebrate his 900th game in charge of Arsenal, news reports that he will not entertain the idea of Tony Adams being his second hand man. It goes on to state that Adams wasn’t even part of the consideration as the club seeks only to promote from within. I find that decision very strange. Given his past with us, I would expect that the manager/board/whoever decides on this things to at least add him into consideration. Whether or not Adams ultimately gets the job is a different discussion altogether. Adams was the captain when I fell in love with Arsenal and a big part of me wants to see him back. So there, you know where my stand on this matter is.

Oh and Botafogo, leave our Chef Back alone. Enjoy the rest of your Friday.