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Give me a hand, someone?

I believe we all woke up with renewed hope today. We were staring at the despair of a summer break knowing full well we have screwed up our chances of being in the Champions League proper, via direct qualification. Yet, just 24 hours later, we are all celebrating the fact that we’ve been thrown a rope, a lifeline and everything is back in our hands again. Football just takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Sp*rs only managing a draw away at Villa Park. Yet there were the much better side for most of the game, despite going down to 10 men. Shows exactly how shit Aston Villa are at the moment and we are clearly very lucky that the match ended as it is. Meanwhile, at Sports Direct Arena, Newcastle suffered a rare home defeat. But it’s no disgrace to lose to the champions elect that are Manchester City. Now that you’ve done your job City, you can lose your last game.

One more game to do it. One last chance to achieve what we should already achieved, the 3rd place. We’ve messed up enough chances this season to know that it’s not a certainty that we’ll come out triumphant on Sunday. A quick look back at the Norwich games tells you that when we were chasing the game in the second half and throwing caution to the wind, Paul Lambert’s side found to hard to cope. That side that came out displaying that, needs to show up for the entire 90 minutes.

One last push for everyone.  No one should have the European Championship in mind and fear picking up an injury. Everyone should play their part and not just rely on the brilliance of Robin Van Persie. Arsene Wenger alluded as much in his comments post game which doesn’t exactly hide his concern over current form. As I said yesterday, RvP is guilty for missing some of the clear cut chances yesterday and should take some of the blame for the draw. Yet, he scored two goals and we can’t depend on him to do everything.

Gervinho looked very good in the second half while Alex Oxalde-Chamberlain came on with good effect on the right side. During that period, Marouane Chamakh also was substituted in and gave a decent cameo. All those happen during a period of the match where we went 4-4-2. Does the team need help in the final game in the shape of a different formation? It’s going to be a big risk to start the final and arguably most important game of the season with a different formation to the one that we’ve used all season long.

While we’ve got back a lifeline in terms of league finishing possibilities, we seemed to have lost something else. I don’t like to comment on anything until it’s official. The picture was leaked and was doing the rounds on social media for a good 2 – 3 weeks now. I was probably in denial mode and hoping that it was all a hoax. I was wrong. This is what Arsenal revealed today. We’ve sold our souls to the corporate giant that Nike and the commercialisation of the club.

For a fashion clothing purpose, I can see the attraction of the shirt design. Due to that reason and upcoming summer tours, plenty of those shirts will be bought up. As for the traditionalist (of which I’m a member of), the new design is horrendous. It makes a mockery of our club’s kit. Choosing from a colour used in a sock isn’t the most brilliant of ideas. Why not choose from this socks design and make our shirt with hoops design.

Ridiculous concept

I wonder if Nike or Arsenal for that matter, ever sought the opinion of fans when it comes to design. Aren’t we all the most important component of it all? Not just some fashion design that will appeal to the entire world. It should really be about a design that appeals to Arsenal fans, first and foremost. Perhaps even exclusively a design that Arsenal fans.