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Anyone remember me?

Hello and I hope you’re having a good start to the week. I haven’t missed anything these past 2 days, have I? Yeah, I know West Ham and Fat Sam are back in the Premier League. Was there anything else that happened?

Fine. We can’t hide for it forever but you won’t find me congratulating Chelsea for picking up the Champions League trophy. If there’s any congratulating today, it will be to Montpellier for becoming champions of France. A remarkable achievement in the face of the money pumped into PSG.

Though, that wasn’t the case on Saturday when Chelsea beat Bayern. While the English side has not been firing on all cylinders this season, whether due to managerial change or elder playing statesmen, it would be remiss to forget that they are one of the major spenders in the transfer market in recent times. It wasn’t the prettiest of victories but they won’t care and frankly, if we won it that way, I won’t care either.

The trophy seemed to have put them back under the attention of players looking for a move. Despite winning the Champions League, Chelsea has a big summer of rebuilding ahead of them. However, the win increases the appeal of players wanting to join them.

We can’t go a day without jumping into the Robin Van Persie topic, the action/drama biopic of where he will play next season. While no one seemed to care about the Theo Walcott situation which is similar. Wonder why. I can’t help but think that the enormous wage demands as reported here as just a ploy to make sure no one bids for him. In that case, he would have an easier decision to make regarding the extension of his contract. Anyway, that is only my assumption of the matter. Either that or Arsenal are the ones making/leaking out that figure to fend off potential suitors.

There’s no point harping on about this when we know full well that it won’t be sorted until after the Euros as KNVB were helpful enough to accept our request of preventing him from talking to the press during this said tournament. Although that might be harder to do should he scores a hat trick in every game. Until then, we will leave him be as how Martin Keown wants it to be.

Another player whose future could lie away from Arsenal is Lukas Fabianski. The Pole has played second fiddle to his fellow countryman throughout the 2011/12 season. While remaining a consummate professional and not going to the press to complain on the daily basis about the lack of playing opportunities, Fabianski does not intend to have a bench role for very long. The fact that he’s behind Wojciech Szczesny in two squads must be something that’s hard to accept.

Hard to accept because midway through 2010/11 season, he was first choice for us and was doing well until injury struck. Which is a real shame because Fabianski had been labelled as a calamitous keeper after a series of poor games for us but the form that he showed then was as decent as they come. In his absence, Szczesny took his chances and never looked back. Even after recovering from his injury, Fabianski could not inch his way past Szczesny. The goalkeeping position is always tough because every team could only play one at a time. I won’t begrudge any player who wants to leave to get more playing time.

Even before a ball has been kicked at the Euros, we’ve got our first casualty due to injury. Tomas Rosicky is under care and will run test to decide if his leg muscle problem is bad enough for him to miss the Euros for the Czechs. All things considered, it’s a surprise this piece of news. For someone with his history of injuries, we’ve seen some what of a miracle from him lately. Played with verve, desire and confidence that no doubt was brought about by his good physical condition.

However, having not played so much since the 2007/08 season, a little setback is to be expected. This is because his body is re-adjusting again to consecutive competitive matches. Recovery period is crucial and Rosicky’s body is also adjusting to recuperating faster between matches. Hopefully this is not a complete breakdown for him and the problem is only a minor one. Selfishly, I don’t mind seeing the injury make him miss the Euros but short enough so that he will be ready for us at the start of the 2012/13 season.

All these must be taken into account for our transfer policy this summer. The club must have a clear and concise plan on what our targets are. The plan must not be dependent on the outcome of the contract discussion with RvP. The plan needs to go ahead on be done off even if we do not have an outcome with the Dutchman. We don’t have the luxury to sit and wait for a decision while our targets could potentially be snap up by other clubs. Moves must be swift and with conviction. With or without RvP, strengthening is needed all over the squad.

Then there must also be a plan in store should we fail to implore RvP to stay on with us. In that case, I’m hopeful that we hold all the cards. That if we fail to secure the replacement, then RvP shall be forced to stay on another season. The most important thing to remember is that while we’ve finished 3rd, there’s a lot of room for improvement within the squad. I’m sure the manager and his coaching staff has identified the position to reinforce. Those plans/ideas should go ahead and not be shelved pending on decision with the captain.

Hard work starts now.