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Any chance there’s a monster of a player waiting to come out?

Still pissed over the RvP thing? Yeah, well so am I. But if you’re on any social network, this topic probably has been discussed to the death and all points exhausted. Thus I’m not going to touch it on here. Whatever happens, happens. When it happens, it happens. Let’s move on to something else then.

Terry Burton has now been installed as the new reserves coach and will also head the development team at Arsenal. Now, I must admit that I don’t know a whole lot of Burton. I didn’t even know that he was previously associated with us. Nor did I about his role in Aaron Ramsey’s move to us. Having said that, it’s good that we’ve found someone who has a history with Arsenal and should understand what it means to work with our club, because he has a very important job to do.

The way we operate, the self sustaining project that has been vehemently criticised by Red and White Holdings, will depend a lot on good young players coming through the academy. The project requires Arsenal to marry spending money earned by buying the best talent in that transfer bracket with the youngsters that comes through from Hale End to London Colney. We simply cannot spend to purchase a whole new squad, so the latter becomes crucial as well. Most of these in the academy or reserves are talented bunch of footballers. At Arsenal, there are numerous trials and tests which irons out those that are deemed not good enough on a footballing level. Yet, that is just one of the many facet that is required to be a top level professional footballer.

Burton’s job will also entail installing in them the discipline necessary to be able to use the other end of the building at Colney, opposite to where they normally go. That should always be the aim, to join the first team squad at the opposite end of the building.  Assuming you don’t know and I remember this right, the first team and reserves has dressing rooms on opposite sides of the Colney training facility. The development of these players also entails cultivating the virtues of our football club into these players. It would be naive to assume all of them are Arsenal fans or even to assume that they will be Arsenal fans just because they are playing for us.

Over recent times, we’ve seen less prospects coming through the club from the junior level. Many has been lauded as really good potential but has ended up elsewhere. Nacer Barazite and Jay Emmanuel-Thomas are prime example of those we once thought could be part of the first team. Hopefully Burton could help the likes of Benik Afobe, Connor Henderson, Chuks Aneke, Hector Bellerin, Thomas Eisfeld and Serge Gnabry. I know they are plenty others who are earmarked to make it too. Hopefully, Burton will be able to help them make the step up. A full Arsenal first team made up of players that came through our academy or reserves will be brilliant.

Meanwhile, one of those who came through those reserves door to the first team, will be playing his consecutive year in the Campeonato Brasileiro. Denilson has been confirmed to be staying at Sao Paulo for another 12 months. It should be quite obvious that the Brazilian midfielder is not wanted back at Arsenal but it is also worrying that he’s going on his second loan at the same club. Either Sao Paulo couldn’t afford his transfer fees/wages or they don’t see him as a long term option.

Yet, the most pertinent fact remains that besides Sao Paulo, no one else has come in for Denilson. No one else being reported that is. If those enquiries are not made public, I guess those of us outside of the club will never know. Someone with considerable experience as Denilson in both the European and South American league should not be without his suitors. I won’t believe that there’s no other clubs that are even considering signing him.

Now, Denilson is not rubbish at football. He doesn’t fit the criteria at Arsenal doesn’t mean he’s a beach volleyball player in the wrong outfit. He’s a simple type of player, the one that keeps the game going. Not particularly physical nor speedy. In fact, I don’t think he’ll look out of place in the Spanish side that just won the European Championship. Not that it means he’s one of the best of the world in his position, just a team’s philosophy/style which suits him.

I doubt any team will spend their time scouring the internet forums or blogs or social networks for opinions on Denilson. If they really do so, then I’ve really got no complaint because they’ll probably find a lot of criticism of him during his time with us. But let’s not forget that he was once the captain of Brazil’s U-18 side and looked really promising when he first came to us. There’s a player there somewhere, perhaps not destined to be one of world’s best but more than good enough for a lot of teams.

Take a punt you other football clubs. Maybe, just maybe you’ll awaken the footballer in Denilson waiting to come out.