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A smile goes a long way

Hello all. It’s been a long, hectic and draining day but it’s only the first day of Arsenal’s arrival for 2012 version of their tour to Asia. Early morning showers did not dampen the spirits of Arsenal fans here in Kuala Lumpur as they all came out in droves to welcome the team. The excitement and atmosphere creating by these fans will surely appease the organisers and sponsors to no end.

If the team doesn’t feel the enthusiasm and frankly mass hysteria that they create every time they come to these parts of the world, then they must be wearing shades too thick for them. People came from all over the region of South East Asia. There were strong group of supporters from Indonesia who also came and added something extra to the atmosphere.


It’s not often that these people get to see The Arsenal in action with their own eyes, let alone being able to talk and take pictures with them. It is a privilege these tours bring (though, I still stand on my point that I would gladly forfeit these tours if it helps the team to prepare better for new seasons). For most of the people here, it is a very heavy investment to pump out the money to fly to London to watch Arsenal. The picture below shows of a family who got their chance to meet their heroes, at a minimal cost.

The brother holding on to the sister’s hand with the parents behind them. On the centre left of the picture

Which is why it makes me sad when I talked to some of those fans who turned up in one of the hotter days in recent weeks, that they received little or less enthused response from the players. Comments of how the players couldn’t raise a smile or even wave back at the fans can be deflating. In the words of JJ – “it doesn’t take much to do that, I don’t get how players don’t see how the 2 seconds of gesture can make a fan very happy”. Of course, not all players were that either. I guess some of the blame could be lay on the tiredness from the long flight and the lack of rest between activities. Still, more effort could (and should) have been made on their part.

I guess that’s about all for today. There’s a collection of pictures taken that can be found here. As well as some videos on here and here. Enjoy it. More tomorrow.