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Has to be wary of Aaron Ramsey snapping at his heels

Three, maybe four new names will probably be mentioned today. Adding to the likes of Yohan Cabaye and Yann M’Vila whose names have cropped up in this final week of the transfer window. Is it someone from the Premier League itself? Perhaps someone from Serie A or La Liga. Let’s not forget the German Bundesliga. It’s going to be an insane week to be following Arsenal online.

Some even went as far as saying there are 6 deals which are being negotiated by Arsenal concurrently. Mind you, that’s not even inclusive of the potential outgoing ones that we are in discussion with. Do we really need that many players? Do we even have space in our 25 man squad for these players? Don’t get me wrong, this is all very interesting and nothing excites fans more than new arrivals to boost the squad.

The ones we have already brought up have divided opinions from fans and media alike. Olivier Giroud have some questions asked about his inability to score in the 2 games so far. Meanwhile, Martin Keown went the other way and sung his praises for Santi Cazorla. Beneath all that, it is what Mikel Arteta said which sits well with me. That we have to patient with the new signings, after all someone did take 8 years before he finally played and contributed regularly.

On the bright side, at least we did not see any players getting into each other’s way during the match. The players are slowly but surely building up an understanding of each other’s game. That will eventually be translated to the performance on the pitch and we’ll see an increase of fluidity with our game. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.

It’s not as if Giroud didn’t do a single thing right in that game. He was winning headers and flicking them on. Hopefully his team mates would learn better positioning to enable them to be at the end of the headers. Again, this takes time to learn where the striker normally heads the ball to. It’s not only that, the runs that he makes also needs knowing. Whether certain action means pushing for the near post or certain action means a cut back

I did say previously (in the series looking at each individual positions) that we do not need reinforcements. However, it does worry a little when the manager opts to pull a midfielder behind to screen the defence and not use the more defensively minded midfielder that we have available. The absence of Francis Coquelin thus far is slightly baffling to me.

To be fair, Arteta has been doing a stellar job in that role. He reads the game very well and positions himself very well. The Spaniard is also strong with his challenges while rarely seem to lose possession when he has the ball. Yet, I do feel that we’re missing his influence slightly further ahead. The gear that makes everything running like a clockwork. Maybe Wenger is contemplating to completely trust Arteta in that position for the rest of the season and search for his replacement in the advanced midfield role.

I’m very happy, in fact I’m ecstatic to see Abou Diaby back in the game. 2 games now and unless Arsene Wenger tells us on Friday that Diaby has suffered some kind of injury, this has all been very positive for him. However, we need to judge his output separately from his fitness. He has been slightly above average, at best. Perhaps his body is still feeling the effects after being out of the game for so long. He’s done some good things but also some bad things in the 2 games thus far. It was good to see him diving into challenges on Sunday without holding back but at the same time, it was also worrying to see him dally on the ball and lose possession. This is very much a working progress.

At the departure hall, Nicklas Bendtner is the first name being summoned as apparently Juventus are the latest team to be interested in him. Which I think definitely won’t happen. Though they matches some of the criterias that Bendtner is looking for, what they won’t be able to give him is playing time. There are a lot of strikers at Juventus, I can’t tell you whether they are better or worse than our Dane but one thing’s for sure, it won’t be straightforward. AC Milan with the departure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic does look a better fit for him. Time will tell on this.

Don’t mind if he changes his  mind and wants to stay.