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What do you think Per?

Today is the day we as fans and supporters of football clubs join hands in prayers. If not with each other, at least clasping our very own hands. As today is the day that the players that we support goes out to play for the respective national teams. Captain, Thomas Vermaelen is one such concern but injury happens all the time and probably isn’t down to club specifics.

We follow Arsenal news generally and sometimes that could blind us to the plight of others clubs. Not that we could care about what happens to them. It will be better if none of our players are selected to play but that is not a choice that is down to us. We’ll just have to hope that everyone completes their game without any injury so that we can continue our progress and development of the team.

For me, it will be interesting and scary at the same time to follow Abou Diaby’s involvement with the French national side. He is quoted as saying that his body is not fragile or more susceptible to injuries. Which is all well and fine but we will have to take a longer view on this and see how he copes with the consistent appearances for us and France. If his body does not suffer reaction to it then I think we can hopefully put the injury nightmare behind us.

It is hard not to be excited to see him having a prolong run in the side. Those who have seen Diaby in full flight prior to that ridiculous Dan Smith tackle at the Stadium of Light, would remember a marvellous athlete with magnificent skills. Liverpool’s game was just a short thirst quench. The earlier games did not showcase the qualities that he has and Diaby more than most will have to realise that he cannot hide in games. One to watch out for the rest of the season, Diaby taking the responsibility.

There was never any chance that today’s post would pass by without mentioning the Bacary Sagna quotes. Does it mean that he will leave come the end of this season? After the experiences that we’ve had in recent times, it is a possibility. If a former captain can profess his love for the club and then up and leave, then anything is possible. Emotional ties with the club that made him a world class is an after-thought. Something which could be very evident with his display and desire on the pitch but off it, he may well want other things.

Now, here’s what I think. We are jumping into conclusion. Any player who said that they aren’t disappointed to see two names (who are constantly on the first team sheet when fit) leave, are just liars. I’m sure by now we get the concept that players don’t have the same emotional attachment to the club like the fans do. There people are their friends and colleagues. People who work hard alongside them to achieve victory. Of course they will be sad to see them depart the club.

Though, I find it hard to accept when the players say these things out in the open. I believe they are well aware of the impact of such statements. Impact that it could have on the club and the impact on the fans. Media will try to drive this as another crisis looming for Arsenal Football Club. Another player wanting out. Can you blame them? I can’t, not when such statement are readily available to be exploited.

Yet, Sagna still have 2 years in his contract. A situation not dissimilar to the former captain. As long as Sagna doesn’t extend his contract, the rumours will persist. Every player are in the game for money and glory. The two things are not mutually exclusive. There will be a stream of clubs waiting to sign him up, should Arsenal be open to sell him. That much is without doubt. Majority of those clubs are considered better placed to provide him the basis for the “glory” part.

However, I do honestly hope that it doesn’t come down to that. There are still so much football to be played this season and at the moment, things are looking very positive on our front. Sagna’s return will beef up the strength of the squad and the playing side. Players cannot absolve themselves from the blame that the team is not good enough when player so and so leaves the club. If the players want the team’s best players to remain at the club, then they all have a part to play to ensure that the team is successful.

This is the way I see it. Robin van Persie and Alex Song are partly to be blamed for Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri leaving the club. If Sagna goes next season, he is to be blamed for RvP and Song leaving the club and vice versa. It is time for the players to pick up their part of the responsibility to ensure the best players stay with the club. The only way to do that is for each and everyone to give their best for the club.