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Hello there, hoped you had a good time yesterday. If you had too good a time and need a lie down, probably best to get a cup of coffee first before coming back to finish reading this. Boxing Day but we’ll not be involved in any game today because of the tube strike. There’s no choice but to look for happiness from the other games. That can only happen if Chelsea, Spurs, WBA and Everton all lose their games. To top that up with Newcastle players repeating the effort of Ashley Williams and find out if the Dutch striker is actually a cat and get hit another 7 more time without getting killed.

Which also means that there isn’t much to talk about or in another way, plenty of time to talk about the usual guff before the game against Newcastle at the weekend. Continuing on from the piece from yesterday, here’s the rest of my own fantasy wish list.

The creative hub
Santi Cazorla is our chief creator in the centre of the park and rightly so. The Spaniard has more than shown his quality since his arrival but has also had the odd games here and there where nothing seemed to come off for him. Whether that is because the opponent are closing him down more and because his body is adjusting to the higher number of games or the intensity of the game, sometimes he struggles. It is times like these when we need someone to come off the bench and assumed the creative role. With that option, the management could also look at the games in which Cazorla can be completely rested.

In our current squad, Andrey Arshavin must the one the covets the role the most. However, he has long lost the manager’s trust and thus does not need to be covered over here. While Aaron Ramsey has played most of his games this season on the wide right, there’s a believe that his best position is in the Cazorla role. I forgot where I’ve seen it but Ramsey is being played out on the right in order for him to succeed in the centre in the near future. Whilst I’d readily admit that Ramsey is struggling at the moment, he would still be an option to replace Cazorla.

But we’re here talking about new players and there should be a few on the continent. Players who not only have the ability to see a pass or able to dribble past one or two players but also players who will not shirk their defensive duties. Cazorla spends a lot of time pressuring the centre backs and that’s not something that the new player can avoid doing. Something which Tomas Rosicky does very well. Moussa Dembele would be a good fit though he does tend to sit deeper to dictate play. Too bad he plays for them now, and I doubt they’ll sell to us.

Wish list – Michu (Swansea), Markel Susaeta (Bilbao), Hernanes (Lazio)

Markel Susaeta

Striker better on the feet
In Marouane Chamakh and Olivier Giroud, we don’t exactly have strikers who are comfortable with the ball to feet. The latter is significantly better than the former in terms of his ball control and touch, however he can still improve a lot in that department. As for Theo Walcott, there’s no doubt that his finishing has improved but it’s hard to imagine him being able to wriggle his way from two centre backs sitting on him. We are lacking a striker who is capable of taking on defenders to make that extra yard of space to feed the wide players/on-rushing midfielders.

That said, what we have now are options. We can play the ball high to Giroud who is capable of holding the ball or Walcott (though I still believe that his position is coming in from wide positions) who can utilise the space between the defence and the keeper. If we can add to that, someone who is capable of tricking his way past defenders, then we’ll have all the options. Whether this player becomes the main starter or not, depends on the player that we are getting.

Wish list – Dries Mertens (PSV), Stevan Jovetic (Fiorentina), Ben Yedder (Toulouse)

Dries Mertens

Let this be clear. I’m not predicting that Arsenal will get any of these players. Nor do I have any inside information that we are. These are just the players whom I think that can supplement the squad, filling in the gaps that we are currently lacking. However, I dare say that if we do add to the team most if not all, the quality/characteristics of the players I’ve mentioned in this and yesterday’s article, we’ll be a team capable of challenging for honours. Yup, that’s the presumptuous part of me talking.

Have a good day.