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Nitpicking Arsene Wenger’s comments is not what I love to do because he’s hardly the most frank person you would find in the world. It would probably be a good test subject for the world of psychology. So many interpretation of what he actually meant but no one could ever be sure apart from the manager himself. Even his closest confidant might be double guessing the meaning. More so when it comes to transfer.

Sorry Arsene but we don’t expect you to sign Lionel Messi. That might be something that the media wants from you but certainly not us. We just want the club to show a little more ambition in the transfer window. We just want the club to realise that these group of players will not get us where we want to be on their own. No doubt, there’s potential and now is the time to supplement the potential with the right ingredients to propel us towards our target.

First and foremost, we want the club to hold on to our players. The players whom we have invested a lot of time and money to build, improve and made into one of the world’s best players. No team could ever move forward without retaining the core of the team that are regarded as the team’s best. Chopping and changing (for whatever reason) means that we are in the constant process of rebuilding and that is partly why we have failed to challenge.

When it comes down to it, players are still an individual and can be influenced by other parties when it comes to their future. Yet, it is within the responsibility of the people in charge of the club to sit these players down and take a harder stance with them. No offence, but we’re not a Wigan or a West Ham. There are still big pulls for a club of our stature.

I’m not saying we should bow down to every single demand of these players, just that I think at times, we’re too rigid. We’ve got our own bar that we’ve set and the players have got theirs, the solution should be found somewhere in the middle. We are not a sinking ship which players are desperate to get away from, despite what many thinks. All well and good that we don’t let players dictate the terms but surely a compromise could be met somewhere in between.

Secondly the squad rule in the league and the CL, only serve to mean the importance of the numbers game. As such, we cannot have passengers in the side. Put away your idea of how good a certain player is, if the manager sees no use of him, then it’s a waste of a perfectly good space. Space that can be taken by another player whom the manager sees fit to use, which may or may not be a player we think is useful. Right now in Andrey Arshavin, Sebastien Squillaci, Marouane Chamakh and Johan Djourou; we have 4 players who have given Vic Akers the least things to do this season.

Move them out and replace with players whom you might actually be tempted to use, Mr. Wenger. Even if only 2 players were brought in, in place of these 4 being sold, it would still be a success for us because we don’t use these 4 anyways. Any combination of two salaries would enable us propose a significant wage for one player. Players whom in that wage bracket, could be considered to be at least European class. For a club who is prudent with the financial side of things as we are, surely this option is a plausible one.

If we achieve the above, it would certainly represent a change of direction from the club. The squad would be far more competitive than the ones we’ve been served with in the past couple of seasons. However, I doubt that we could be providing a strong reason for people to back us to win the big trophies. That can only happen if further investment is pumped into the playing staff. Of course I would love for us to promote the entire academy and win titles after titles with them. Yet, in modern day football, that is harder to achieve than one thinks. Youths will still need to be brought through but they should be doing that alongside senior professional who are ones of the best, if not the best in the business.

Depending on who you read, the sum available to the manager on transfer (without taking into account what we could recoup off the sales of unwanted players) ranges for £40M to £60M. That is no small figure. One or two real marquee transfers could be signed for that amount. If that amount is true and only if that amount is 100% made available to the manager for transfer alone. These signings (should it happen) would be the catalyst for our revival back into one of the feared clubs on the field, like we used to be under Wenger. Yes, the competition to unearthed new talents is getting harder and harder with every passing season. But there’s always a certain amount of sacrifice (in this term, monetary) if we are to attain our former heights.

Still hoping we sort everything out as soon as possible instead of at the end of the month.