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Added variety

Added variety

Should have gotten this done 2 days ago but was caught up in my new job this week. If only I was being paid enough to blog everyday, which I don’t. So here’s the shorten version of it.

Started poorly
Continuing on from the Southampton game, another 45 minutes of poor-ness all around. The accuracy of our passing went out the window and so did our pressing. Vorm with all the time in the world to find a short pass out but had little else to do, hand-wise

Caught undecisive
Mertesacker allowed Michu to not only run past him, but win the first ball without challenge as well. A little bit of gamesmanship would have see him taken Michu down and take one yellow for the team. Didn’t happen. If he wasn’t sure about his positioning and whether he would have gotten a red had he pulled Michu back, then the other on-rushing defenders should have given him a heads up.

Then we found life
That goal seemed to knock some sense back into us as we rediscover how good we are passing the ball around. We upped the tempo and found the equalizer. Podolski mirroring Mochi’s goal scoring exploits from the bench. Sagna and Koscielny both showed that they wanted town the ball, which made the opportunity for Podolski.

Amazingly, we went ahead
This time it came from the boot of Gibbs but made by the superb clip ball from Giroud. Reminiscent of the goal he set up Podolski against Olympiacos earlier this season. It adds a nice variety to our play that normally just seeks to pass our way through the middle or drive to the byline to cut back a low cross. Ingenuity.

Unsurprisingly, we haven’t qualified yet
Even with the momentum entirely on our side, we still contrived to allow Swansea to take the tie to the Grove. Poor headed clearance from a corner followed by lackadaisical defending, gave Graham all the time in the world to pick his spot. Again, players undecided whether to challenge or stay back, this time Arteta was at fault.

Cazorla and Walcott anonymous
Neither stood up to be counted, especially not when both are in such good scoring form in the past weeks. Cazorla looks more and more knackered with every passing game. While Walcott looked like he was unhappy at bring on the right. His movement in field meant Swansea’s fullback was able to join in the attack freely and that made life doubly hard for Sagna.

Not out yet
Which I thought we were after Michu scored. No indication prior that we could make Vorm save at least one, let alone score twice. We’re lucky to still be in it and sometimes, this one result achieved out of doggedness, could be the spark we’re searching for. That said, I will maintain that we still need help and the transfer window is one to help.