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Wrapped snugly around his arm

Wrapped snugly around his arm

Similar start in one way
Like the two Premier League games before, we didn’t start out firing on all cylinders but we were far more alert on the defensive side of things. Perhaps it’s playing on the back of their minds of the early problems we’ve had in the other games. Which is a sign of learning and that is always good.

Another bad refereeing decision that cost us
Jack Collison could and should have been sent off for that his stamp on Jack Wilshere. Right in front of the referee but nothing given. Wilshere’s style includes last minute movement change and that means he is open to late challenges and this is one of them. Luckily, he was unharmed. The same Collison then benefited from staying on the pitch to slam home a rather good shot after we failed to clear our lines from a corner kick.

Quickfire response
Lukas Podolski, back in the line-up today and back on the chart as a goal scorer. A wonderful left foot strike that gave Jaaskelainen no chance to save it. The last 20 minutes of the half was more like the old Arsenal, total dominance in possession and creating plentiful of chances. But the one Carlton Cole chance before the end of the half, reminded us that if we do convert our chances, we could be staring at 3 points dropped.

Taking the lead
Within 2 minutes of the second half, we’ve already found another goal. Which saved us from having to worry if our efforts would be paid off. That it came from a corner routine, only made it more unbelievable. Olivier Giroud’s movement caused mayhem inside West Ham’s penalty box, came up with another finish that gave the Finn no chance.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th goal were scored within 10 minutes of the 2nd goal. Relentless attacks that didn’t allow West Ham the chance to settle or regroup. You can see after the 5th goal that their confidence have been sapped away from them and only wanted the match to finish as soon as possible. That’s a side of Arsenal that we haven’t seen for some time and it was good that we didn’t let up even when we had the lead.

The armband
Won by captain Thomas Vermaelen from the start but an injury sustained in the first half and us electing not to risk him after taking a healthy lead in the game, meant that the armband was passed on to Wilshere. Not a single Gooner would begrudge the choice. It hasn’t happen for sure yet but it was still very pleasing and creates a warming effect on the heart.

More accustomed to the middle
Aaron Ramsey got to start another game but this time, it was in the central midfield role. It is not one which he normally plays for us (as in the more advanced attacking role), it was a more defensive one which he took on yesterday. Whilst he didn’t show that he was the best defensive midfielder in the world, Ramsey didn’t look exactly out of place there. Always opening himself up for the pass and moving it on without much fuss.

Rested one, more to be given
Abou Diaby didn’t make it to the bench at all. The most optimistic me will say that he was rested and we did not want to take a risk on him. Next one whom the manager should be looking to give some time off, is Wilshere. Other than at Villa Park and after his red card at Manchester United, he has been playing non-stop. All due respect to Brighton, it’s a game which we could think about resting Wilshere.

Build on it
Time and again, we’ve said this. That we should try to make the best of every positive result that comes our way. This is yet another of those times where we must repeat ourselves. Hopefully this time, this result will push the players on a long run of positive results and we’ll at least be achieving the Champions League qualification target. That said, hopefully this one result won’t change Arsene Wenger’s mind about buying new players to reinforce the strength of the squad.