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Happy Spaniards

Happy Spaniards

Finally a home win
After 2 home defeats, we finally won a game at the Grove. From what I can hear, the fans were right behind the team and in some ways, the team responded in kind. It won’t change the ill effect suffered after the last 2 home losses but at least we’ve kept our part in the chase for Champions League spot. With Everton losing, we’ve increased the gap between us. Hopefully there will be more favourable results after today’s fixtures.

Familiar pattern to the game
Dominating but still allowing the opponents to come back into the game or shooting ourselves in the foot. Delete whichever is not applicable. Only this time, we managed to find the winner. Too many of this pattern of game has come along and yet we are doing nothing to rectify it. Concentration and organisation is the key, even when we have most of the possession and are looking dangerous in attack. Players get sucked into the wave of the game and sometimes lose that bit of concentration.

Super Santi
Scored both goals and looked magnificent throughout. His touch on difficult to control passes are amazing and his ability to turn away from tight spots with the ball still in possession are “youtube worthy”. Has chipped in with more than his fair share of goals. “Playing wide” seemed to suit him better than in the middle and it allows him more freedom to wield his influence. I say wide but he doesn’t stick by the line that often.

Szczesny and the defence needs a talking to
The keeper should have save that shot from Weimann, that much is without a doubt. How he let that slipped between his fingers, I would never know. Szczesny has not had a consistent run of good performances and that is slightly worrying. Whether or not complacency is the issue, only the manager knows. That said, he wasn’t helped by some weak defending. Weimann was allowed to carry the ball the entire length of our half of the pitch without one single tackle on him. If I recall right, there are no fines for collecting a yellow card. Why didn’t someone just pull him back and allow us the chance to regroup? Nous. None.

Walcott and far post corner deliveries
Ok, maybe it’s tactical and the plan was to deliver the ball between the near post and the middle of the goal. Yet, it couldn’t be more obvious to anyone watching that half the time, Walcott’s corner goes to the area between the middle of the goal and the far post. Why wouldn’t someone just stand there and take a chance? If the ball is delivered right, there would already be 1 or 2 Arsenal players attacking it at the near post. Someone might benefit when the delivery is right (reiterate, half the time).

Some players have gotten to big to be substituted / squad is too small
Walcott and Giroud both had an awful game. The former was in hiding (or couldn’t escape from his marker) and the latter was woeful in front of goal. Neither were substituted and there are probably a variety of reason why. Even Jack Wilshere was not having one of his better days. Stature of the player, size of the contract or something else. No matter how important the player is, if he’s not performing up to task, then the manager must be brave enough to make those changes. Or maybe the replacement doesn’t inspire too much confidence…..which makes it worse.